Muhammad saw, The Prophet of mercy

When the Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) went to Ta’if to invite its people to Islam they met him with denial and ridicule and encouraged
street boys to throw stones at him until his feet bled. Even under such circumstances, when angels sought his permission to destroy the town, the
Prophet refused.
This was the mercy which enabled the prophet to forget his bleeding wounds and broken heart, only thinking of how to bring good to those people and
bring them out from darkness into the light and guide them to the straight path.
And when he conquered Makkah, entering it with ten thousand soldiers, God gave him the decision concerning those who had abused and persecuted
him, plotted his assassination, expelled him from his homeland, killed his companions and tortured them mercilessly because of their religion.
One of his companions said, “Today is a day of massacre.” But the Prophet    (blessings and peace be upon him) said, “No, but today is a day of mercy.”
Then he went before the defeated people whose eyes were wide with fear and whose hearts were  trembling, waiting to see what the victorious  conqueror would do with them. Their own practice was that of revenge and murder.
But the Prophet said to them, “O 9uraysh, what do you suppose I should do with you?” They replied, “What is good. You are a generous brother and the son of a generous brother.”
The Messenger of God replied,  “Go, for you are free.”
Such an all-inclusive pardon was due to mercy in the Prophet’s heart. It was so great that it included   those enemies who had harmed him and his
companions most. How true were the words of the    Prophet when he said, “I am but a bestowed  mercy.” (Al-Hakim)

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